Thursday, May 18, 2006

"Oh Crap! A jar of skin!"

I just spent some quality time with one of the funniest/grossest sites I've come across in a while. Steve, Don't Eat It! chronicles the adventures of a man who dares himself to eat the most vile, bizarre and disturbing "food" he can find. It's fucking hilarious and nauseating all at the same time.

WARNING: Don't go to the site if you

a) are at work and don't want people hearing you snort and guffaw as you laugh like a maniac
b) have a weak stomach
c) are a militant vegan, 'cause a lot of the stuff he eats is animal based (hence, far more gross out potential), and you'll want to shoot your computer screen
d) don't have a sick, twisted sense of humor

If none of those warnings apply to you, then have at it!


Jaye Joseph said...

Dammit. I totally want to go check this out right now, but I'm nauseous already and trying to hold out on taking a pill since it will knock me out.

Damn you woman. Damn you and your wonderful internets sites.

amamgets said...

I'm with JJ-- want to go there, but scares...

already feeling sick...

Karla said...

Phrase I never want to see/read again:

"a jar of skin".

amamgets said...

PLEASE-- come blog-- the jar of skin thing comes up when I load my daily blogs, and given that I'm maybe a tiny bit hung over, is about to make me barf.

You are missed.

Jules said...

OH, I went there and totally loved it.

It just rarely gets more descriptive than "mouth full of cellulite", does it?