Monday, May 15, 2006

Monday, Monday.

Wow. Where the hell did today go anyway? Suddenly, it's 8:30, and I really don't know what happened. Just a few minutes ago, I was on my way to work. At least that's how it seems. Let me try and recall how this day disappeared right before my eyes.


Okay, woke at 5:51, like normal. Got ready, got The Geej to school by 8:07. Went to work, got ready for the dreaded Weekly Team Meeting. Meeting started at 9:30. Had to duck out of meeting at 10:45 to head to follow-up appt. at oncologist's office. Went to that. Had panic attack, got blood drawn. Went back to work. Grabbed a salad and ate outside (which was really nice). Came back upstairs and had two phonecalls to make. Did that then prepped for 2:30 budget meeting. Let me just say, that I'm in charge of prepping a nearly $1 million dollar budget for my team, and it's a responsibility I take very seriously. So, the seriousness of it stresses me out. Meet with the accounting dude re: the budget at 2:30, then we both go to meet with the Executive Vice President about said budget. Mr. EVP is a major player in the company I work for. I mean, he's on the quarterly earnings calls that influence what happens with our stock on Wall Street. Color me intimidated. But everything goes well, and boom, it's 5:15 and I'm in danger of missing the very strict "pick up by 5:30" rule at The Geej's school. So I HAUL ASS outta there, and just barely make it before the penalty time. After the ass-hauling, we then sit in traffic forEVER waiting to get home. Get home and, voila, it's time for dinner. Then bath. Then reading and tending to the herd of baby dolls. Then night night. And now here I am.

Again: wow. Sometimes my head just spins.

But you know what? It was beautiful here today, and it's a beautiful night already. The Geej was in an amazing mood, and I do feel like I got a lot accomplished today. My house is relatively clean, and I've got money in my bank account. Life is good, people.

And now for a couple of updates:

Thanks for all of you who weighed in on the "what should I do with my wedding/engagement rings" conundrum. I've made a decision: I'm going to sell the set, and put the cash in The Geej's college fund. I figure, it's the least that asshole owes me.

Also thanks to those of you who've been concerned about my weird CT scan report. I got the skinny on it today at the doctor's office:
They saw a 1"x 1" "area of concern" in my lower left bowel/abdomen. It's something that was not there when I had my last CT scan, 11 mos. ago. They don't think it's scar tissue because of its density, but they're not overly concerned that it's a tumor at this point. They think it may be diverticulitis, but since that generally affects people who are in their 50s or 60s, that's probably not it. (Yes, diverticulitis is also the same thing that Doug and Wendy Whiner used to complain about on Saturday Night Live in the 80s, which makes it that much more pathetic.) So, they're just going to "follow it closely" with CT scans every three months until they can figure out if it's growing or what.
I also had my one billionth abnormal pap, and so today they sprung a colposcopy and multiple biopsies on me. I wasn't expecting any of it, hence the panic attack. I mean, full blown freakout. I thought that my hysterectomy meant an end to this bullshit, but apparently not.
Finally, they did a full thyroid work up on me due to my sluggishness and weight gain. Yes, I'm just that sexy.

So, I guess we'll just see.

Right now, I've got to go do some work. Yay Monday!!


Karla said...

God, you get it all taken out and they have to mangle and mess with what's left? I'd be hyperventilating too.

Jesus. So sorry.

amamgets said...

Everytime I get sluggishy, I race in for another blood draw, PRAYING that they'll up my synthroid dosage and I can lose weight--