Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day!!

Had a very nice Mother's Day weekend.

Friday night, went to a birthday party for an adult, but there were plenty of kiddos there. The Geej arrived at the party freshly scrubbed in pajamas and tennis shoes. She was in a good mood and actually lasted until nearly 9:30. It was lovely outside that night, and the full moon was amazing.

Saturday, got up, got The Geej ready, and then my mom arrived so I could get ready for our photoshoot. We all looked pretty cute, but I doubt we're going to have many good shots to choose from. The Geej was being contrary, and there's always that odd man out when you're photographing 3 folks. We'll see...

Afterward, we lunched at Luby's (me, The Geej, and my mom LOVE Luby's. It's a Texas thing...) and then went to Petsmart to ogle the animals and fetch some supplies for my felines. There was dog training going on while we were there, and I thought The Geej was going to come unglued. There was this dude there with an Irish Wolfhound that was simply the largest dog I've ever seen in my life. It was so big it was sort of freakish.

That evening, Geej's favorite teacher Trina arrived at 6:45 to babysit, and Mom and I scooted to dinner at Austin Land & Cattle. Mom had never been there, and I hadn't been in a month of Sundays. We both really enjoyed it. Excellent service and very, very good food. (Yes, Karla. We got the Shiner Bock Battered Mushrooms.) We even each had a cocktail (before dinner) and wine (with dinner). It was very relaxing, and we had a really nice talk.

Today woke up, and the Geej came into my room armed with a card (from my mom) with a gift certificate to Daya Day Spa in it. Oh HELL yes!! I already know when I'm going to schedule that sucker. Yay!!

We had breakfast and the Geej rode my mom around like a pack animal (see below), and then Mom headed for home.

It was cool and cloudy all day. Now GJ is sleeping, and I've got to do some work. But it was a good, good day.

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Jaye Joseph said...

Yay! I'm glad you had such a nice weekend and a great mother's day. I know that gift certificate is going to come in very handy right now!