Wednesday, May 17, 2006


That's what I just plunked down for 4, three-day passes to ACL fest. I heard this year's line up, and couldn't help myself.

Plus, by that point I will have had 2 years to forget the heat and the dust and the crowds and the hassle from the 2004 version of the fest.

Now I need to find 3 suckers to go with me. I'm taking off of work and comandeering my very wonderful mother for childcare. In other words, I plan on doing it all 3 daze and coming out on the other end tired and happy.

Tomorrow is "Friday" for me because it's my last day at work this week. Why, you ask? Because, come Friday afternoon, I'll be on a plane to Colorado for a rendezvous with Mr. Wonderful. We're staying at this KICK ASS romantique place in Boulder Canyon and going hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park and doing archery and snogging like teenagers.

You have NO IDEA how much I need to disconnect from "real life" and spend some quality time in the mountains with the man of my dreams. It will be weird because this will be the longest that I've been away from The Geej since I was in the hospital last summer. But--and maybe I'm a bad mama for saying this--I need this in 100 different ways. Work has been killing me. Geej-tending is always exhausting. And frankly, I just need a change of fucking scenery. I got so excited and happy this morning on my way to work just thinking, "Just 2 more days..." that I actually got teary-eyed.

Mr. Wonderful awaits, and he's just as excited as I am. I love that guy...

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Karla said...

ooo...somebody's gettin' some this weekend!

And i say, "yeay for you!"