Monday, February 13, 2006

I've always hated Valentine's Day.

This may have something to do with it:

This was a card given to me by a male classmate either my freshman or sophomore year in high school. Here's the inside of it:

In case you can't read the handwriting:

"I thought this would fit you just perfect since you think you are so ugly but I think you are so pretty even if nobody else does. I think you are pretty and will always be!

Love always,


This guy, Charlie, was a good friend of mine for years. And no, I wasn't "hot" by high school guy standards. But still, the "even if nobody else does" is pretty fucking harsh.


Karla said...

oh shit, dude, I used to get things like that. Well meant, but very painful at the same time. They think they are being nice, but OUCH!

Like one time a guy used the pickup line on me that went "there is no beauty without some flaw" and then proceeded to tell me the flaw. Apparently my eyes are a bit off, or something, and he thought that oddness made me more "interesting".

He didn't get to date me. But I was desperate enough that I thought about it.

I hate v-day too. It's overrated (mainly because it depends on men to be forcibly romantic...ha!)and it reminds me of those homecomings when you were hoping above hope to get a big mum from a cute boy and you never got one..or was that just me? I only got one Valentine's day gift in high school....and it was a packet of all green m&M's. One of the best gifts I ever got, which is also very sad.

Jules said...

Charlie writes like a girlie-man and, therefore his opinions are null and void.

You are Karla Fucking May!

Your next beau will be the luckiest person on Earth... sort of like the #1 spot on E's Juiciest Hollywood Hookups... but better.