Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Dirty, dirty baby.

Those of you who've had kids in daycare know what I mean when I say, Daycare Funk. For those of you who don't: It's the layer of snot and dirt and tempra paint and dried yogurt that forms a thin but vibrant layer on your child when you pick him/her up that was not there when you dropped the pristine little prince/princess off around 8:30 that morning. Daycare Funk usually limits where you can "stop on the way home" unless of course you're planning on visiting a city dump or colony of homeless people living under an overpass on your way to la casa.

Today I go to pick up The Geej, and from a distance, damn she looks cute. The daycare workers have put her hair up in this teeny ponytail, slightly off center, and totally disarming. But then I get up close, and I see the crusty boogers in/around her nose, the dirt embedded beneath the fingernails on her filthy hands, and the tablespoons full of yogurt dried in her hair--which is apparently the reason for the ponytail to begin with because, without it, she looked like this:

So feast your eyes on the cutest Daycare Funk covered critter west of the Mississippi

Crusty but cute:


Bookhart said...

I'm astonished how dirty they get at daycare. For a while, I took to carrying around a spare change of clothes and a washcloth, just in case I needed to do a quick clean-up before taking the child out in public.

And there was the one time that the crunchy-granola teachers at W.B's old daycare painted his hair rainbow, which lasted for WEEKS.

Karla said...

I always loved how Wonder Boy came home with someone else's underpants on...usually a girl's. Too funny.