Friday, February 24, 2006


One of the tradeoffs for living in "the burbs" is that you get more house for the money, but then you have to deal with the Daily Commute. My current residence is a mere 3.2 miles further from work than my former, however, it takes me twice as long to get downtown each day than it used to. Usually, it takes me about 25 minutes. And that's not terrible, I realize. But everything's relative, and my former commute took 15 minutes at the most, and had about 1/2 dozen alternate ways to get from home to work if the major thoroughfare I take (MoPac) was ever too clogged.

But this week? My morning commute has sucked donkey. Big, dirty donkey. Why? Well, there were a couple of days where the fog was so thick, you coulda spread it on your toast and eaten it. There weren't any accidents, just fog, and a lot of stupid, stupid Texans who apparently lose their abiliy to drive if there's so much as a drop of rain, flake of snow, or molecule of fog. One morning this week it took me 49 minutes to make the trip, then the next, it took me 42. But this morning took the cake: 50fucking3 minutes to get from my driveway, to the daycare!!! It was Chicago traffic. Or worse yet: Atlanta traffic. It was so bad, in fact, that I balanced my checkbook during my commute. And the guy in the Chevy Silverado next to me? He was playing the fucking mandolin. I am not lying. Just sitting there, playing away.

I'm pretty sure there's a tight correlation between this stupidly effed up traffic and the fact that The Geej's latest word is a very emphatic sounding, "GO!"


Karla said...

I will be joining the commuting masses as of Monday. Via train. And bus.

Will let you know if it's better or worse.

Amy said...

When I lived in Metairie, my communte - less than 6 miles mind you - took close to 45 minutes. And, if it just happened to be raining, people flat out forgot how to drive. Rain - in New Orleans - whodathunkit?