Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Bad, bad blogger.

Yeah, I know. I haven't written in a while. But, damn if I haven't been so busy I don't know if I'm coming or going lately. For reals. The work "situation" is crazy at best, unadulturated chaos at worst. I'm also pulling my tax stuff together this week. And it's a short week for me because I'm giving myself Friday off. Truly, this is a badly needed "mental health day" in every sense of the word. I know I have buttloads of work I could/should be doing, but fuck it. I'm going to get a massage and a pedicure, go see a movie, mail off my taxes, get my filthy car cleaned up, and--if I can work it in--take a big ass nap. It's totally indulgent, but I deserve it damnit.

Some random stuff I've been meaning to write about:
  • Saw "Being Julia" with Annette Bening the other night on cable. Pretty good film. But what I REALLY loved was the costuming. My god, the late 1930s were simply the most lovely time for fashion. Women's clothes, men's clothes, the hats, the coats, the hair/makeup. It was all just so elegant and the lines were flawless.
  • The Geej calls the sky "airplane," and is obsessed with blueberries.
  • I had a dream that I was mauled by a red panda. WTF?
  • Some of ya'll may have noticed that I turned on "comment moderator." Why? Because I was getting some accusatory, ugly anonymous comments, and I just won't stand for that shit. Why anyone would waste time and energy in such a negative way is completely beyond me. Fuck 'em.
  • I'm an avid NPR-junkie, but lately the news has all been so depressing and dismal, that I find myself wanting to be as ignorant as possible, so I just turn it off. I can barely listen to the news anymore because it gives me a knot in my stomach.
  • I went out on a dinner date last night and had really good sushi and two really, REALLY good martinis that gave me a wicked buzz.
  • I had some king cake and gumbo this week. I'm so happy Mardi Gras is going on in New Orleans.
Okay. That's about it for now. Tomorrow night I'm going to a play date/margarita swilling gathering at Mama Malcontent's abode. I'm sure there'll be dirt to dish from that in a future post. Until then, nighty-night.

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amamgets said...

So who is messing with you? That is hugely wrong.

Yay for the day off-- must enjoy. Remember, even if something happens (like a sick tummy on the baby), spending a whole day in bed, watching dvds, doesn't suck.