Thursday, November 17, 2005

Who you calling "Garden Gnome"?

Does she look like she's ready to throw down, or what? The only thing that's as cute as a nekkid baby, is a baby in a hat. Yay! Cold weather!


Jules said...

Oh my gawd, that's downright edible! Please tell me that hat has fluffy tassles too... and if not, please go buy one.

Tick tock... closing tomorrow!

I am so proud of you, almost as much as your dad would be.

Karla said...

SHe look like KGB about to kick some non-Russian ASS. Da, bitch!

(Actually she's very Norwegian in that hat. How long did you manage to keep it on her?)

Total good luck tomorrow. Welcome to the world of grown ups.

That's what my mom said, anyhow, but then she gave me a lollipop. One of those tequila flavored ones with the worm in it.