Saturday, November 12, 2005

Before and After

I haven't had a haircut since early August. For those of you without a calendar in front of you or a normal human's sense of time, that's OVER THREE FUCKING MONTHS. Ah-hem. Anyhoo, I've colored my hair since then--grocery store/at home job--but the cut hasn't happened. And it was getting ugly. Not only did I have 1-1/2" roots, those roots were mostly grey. Fucking G.R.E.Y. Oy vey. I mean, Oy Grey.

So I finally have the chance to get my hair tended to today and...can I just say...ahhhhhhhh.

If any men are reading this, I can only equate this relief and joy to taking a massive dump while reading the Sports section of USA Today. Or cumming. Two things I know you boys enjoy immensely.

Feel free to comment away. I know that I look like the ultimate soccer mom with this cut, but trust me: in real life, the color is funky enough to have most soccer moms raising a professionally-plucked eyebrow.


Zen Wizard said...

It looks lovely.

Badger said...


Karla said...

Dude, Karla May? Can I just tell you that you have the MOST FABULOUS SKIN of anyone I have EVER known?

Just lookit that shit! It freaking GLOWS.

I'd hate you, but I know that with that amazing skin comes one freak ass bitch, so it makes it ok for me to hang with you.....

Oh yeah, the hair's nice too. But it always is.

Karla May said...

Well shucks, Texpatriate. I'm blushing. Thank you, although I'm not sure I quite agree with you. And if my skin is even half as good as you claim, I totally have my mom and grandmother's genes to thank. Peaches and cream, those two.