Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I'm alive! I'm alive!

I've been in the throes of moving for days and daze now. I'm starting to dig out from underneath the mountain of boxes of crap that is apparently indispensable, but I still have a LONG way to go before I feel "settled." But I have caught myself grinning at the concept of "this is MY house, that is MY floor, those are my light fixtures." There's something so grown up about being this much in debt.

The Geej has settled in to her new digs with no problems. Soon I'll post a photo of her in her new room, but first I have to remember what I did with the digital camera.

Also, I don't have an internet hookup at home yet, so I imagine my postings are going to be sparse and infrequent for the next week or so. Stay with me kids! I promise I'll be interesting and amusing some day soon!

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Anonymous said...

hi lady friend! i've been keeping up with you via the pine curtain. holy shit - your house looks amazing. i just about cry every time i see a picture of the geej, her little face, those crazy smiley teeth. god - could she be cuter? obviously we're not going to austin for the holidays. 2006, i want to. will do. have you seen the latest pics of the bird on josh's blog?? oh, yes, you will look as good as your mom b/c you have the same fabulous skin.
miss you