Monday, October 24, 2005

When bad hair happens to good people.

I remember the day this photo was taken. My friend Monica Johnston and I drove around looking for picturesque places to take my rush photos. That's right people: Rush. As in sorority rush. (You see, you had to send all these photos in to your prospective sororities so that they could project them up on the wall and pick you apart during rush meetings. Yes, it was as messed up as it sounds.)

It was early spring of my senior year, and I had a couple of rolls of photos taken of me posing around in no fewer than 3 outfits. [The outfit pictured included a sweater vest with bunnies and strawberries on it, and little strawberry-shaped buttons. Blech.] In some of the pictures, I'm actually holding flowers. Daffodils. In this one, however, I am leaning against a pine tree, which is VERY east Texas of me. The pictures are all totally gay. And my hair is BEYOND huge, but I thought it looked amazing that day.


Karla said...

For the 80's dude,that WAS amazing hair. I would have totally been jealous, me with my fucked up semi-mullet-growing-into-curly-mop,
You were totally stylin', though I woulda teased your ass had I met you, for bein' in a sorority and all.
But you have repented of your evil ways.

Jules said...

Oh Mi Gawd! You look like a Breck girl... or maybe that you should tell two friends and so on and so on....