Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Me!

Today is the one-year anniversary of my blog. Who'duh thunk I would've actually stuck with it this long. I have about 50 diaries lying around that I've started and then gave up on after a few earnest weeks or months. But not this puppy. No sir. This one's a keeper. So anyway, Happy Anniversary to the D.o.a.P.C.R. Long may she wave.

Let's review, shall we? Since I began blogging I've:
  • Had a fun girls' weekend in Las Vegas
  • Lost my stepfather to a crummy death
  • Gone to Russia, twice
  • Adopted a baby
  • Had a hysterectomy/cancer I didn't even know about
  • Had my mom move within 50 miles of me
  • Been celibate as a nun

Also, coincidentally, today also marks year number 6 that I, Karla May, have been with my current employer. Pretty amazing considering my longest time with an employer prior to this gig was 2 years. Every two years I'd pick up and move or get bored or whatever, but that used to be my upper limit of job/company tolerance. But so far with this gig I'm still happy, even though I can be cynical. I'm still challenged, even though I sometimes get thrown "busy work." And, most importantly I suppose, I'm still here.


Karla said...

Rock on with yo' bad self!

And I might say, you hve the most exciting, um, eventful, um, dramatic life of anyone I know.

I'm in second place on that one....

Badger said...

Dude! Happy Bloggiversary!