Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I was a weird, weird kid, Part 2

The saga of the diary continues... [Remember, the screwed up spelling and punctuation is directly from the pages of this thing.]

Dear Diary [DD],
Today President Reagan was shot. James Brady--White house press secretary died. Age 40. 2 other people were wounded. Doctor's say Reagan is doing well. It took place around 1:30. Now at 4:16, we understand that James Brady is alive.
[Was I a little Connie Chung in training, or what?]

4/9/year unknown
My mom is really a pain in the ass! Sometimes she's so "sweet" and others I want to kill her. If something happens, who's the first person she asks, ME!
[I was an only child. OF COURSE I was the first person she asked.]

5/4/year unknown
Today I started going with Brian.

5/10/year unknown
Last Fri. night was my first night with Brian Kennedy. We went to see "Road Games," stupid show. But why should I care, I didn't watch very much of it. Wendy & Deann were real pests. I got mad at them. I found out something new, Brian has a great but (along with everything else.) More later!
Love, Karla May [big, flourishy signature]

5/11/year unknown
Today Brian came over. We were lying on my bed kissing, and he tried to feel me off, but I didn't let him. Good for me! I think he understands now.
[I wore a AA-cup bra until my freshman year in college. I can't imagine what in the hell he was trying to "feel off."]

5/23/year unknown
Brian broke up today.

5/26/year unknown
My cat is very sweet.

5/30/year unknown
Help! Mama whipped me! It didn't hurt

6/15/year unknown
Why me? I feel so left out! Hardly anyone talks to me anymore.

8/11/year unknown
You open this like you opened it.
[Well, duh!]

I think Roy has a big nose. But I'm afraid to tell.
Love, Karla May

Tomorrow, the gripping conclusion of, The Diary.

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Anonymous said...

You needed to be whipped, young lady. Why didn't you watch much of the show?

And who were you going to tell about Roy's nose?

Please don't ever let this end.