Thursday, October 20, 2005

I was a weird, weird kid--The Gripping Conclusion

So here we are in September. Only a few more months to go. Let's get started, shall we?

9/7/year unknown
Dear Diary [DD],
I really think everybody acked smart.
Love, Karla May

["Acked?" Well, some may have acted smart, but it's pretty clear who wasn't very smart at all.]

9/9/year unknown
Super Surprise
Super Dessert
hot tea

[Apparently The Diary was hijacked and forced to perform double-duty as an order pad during a game of "Restaurant." I wonder what the hell "Super Surprise" was? Sounds like some crazy Japanese restaurant.]

9/15/year unknown
of grease.

[Yes, this is how it was written on the page. I guess I was going for some sort of a pseudo-haiku thing here. Or not.]

Tonight I spent the night with Susan. Charlie and Robby came over (I am going with Charlie) and I let Charlie feel me off (on top). It was really my first time. I hope it doesn't get around.

[WHAT THE FUCK?! I was TWELVE for Pete's sake! And had zilcho for boobs! Oh my LORD what a little ho.]

11/1/year unknown
Tomorrow is the night I go spend the night with Ann. What a blast.

11/5/year unknown
Fran is baby sitting me. She can play the organ. And

[And? And what? I can't believe I left it hanging like that.]

Well, I haven't written you in about--a year. That is a long time. I have got a lot to say. Sixth grade is the BEST! I am going with DALE ARMSTRONG.* I realy think Kevin Heilman is cuter but I'll never tell. I frenched him 2 times at the Lobo Pirates football game. 23 to 0. Boo Hoo! Wow! It was his first time. Tomorrow I am going to Shannon and Debbies party. I hope it is fun. Well, write you soon.
Karla May

[*Okay, at the top of this page and then again after Dale's name, I drew what looks like a Superman emblem, but instead of just an "S," there's an "SF." What did it mean? Super Fox.]

Today I got on the raido (96X). They asked, "Who shot JR?" I said the baby did it. Ha ha.
More after the party.

The party was great! Dale and I didn't french because he has a cold. But...we played Texas chase, we slow danced, and we sat together alot. Shannon liked her gift. More later.

6th grade
People I have gone with

Nathan W.
Dale A.
Robby D. (2)
Clint A.
Stephen Mc.
Brian K. [I had a star after his name.]
Steve O.

11/25/82 [same page]
7th grade

Randy Bobo
Rodney Carrington
Wayne Boyce
Brian Kennedy
Charlie Merriman
Timmy Long
Kevin H.

12/15/year unknown
Gina is the most nicest babysitter I've ever had. She's so sweet and she is a really good dancer too.

12/22/year unknown

12/31/year unknown

Believe it or not...


Jaye Joseph said...

I expect more. I need more. You just left me hanging. I have to know what happens next...

Karla said...

OK, just so you know:

By 6th and 7th grades you went with more boys than I think I have my whole life.

Can I be you? Dude, I NEVER got to go with anyone in school. I still sorta have a complex about it. You are SO much cooler than me.

Badger said...

OMG. This was all hilarious. You could not pay me enough money to post my diary entries from that period of my life!

Oh, and the first time I ever let a boy feel me "up there" was at my 11th birthday party. Does that make me the high-ranking slut or what?