Monday, October 03, 2005

My daughter: Drama Queen

How freakin' sad and pitiful does The Geej look in this photo?

But don't buy it. Not even for a minute. Because mere seconds before this sad, sad photo was taken of my little Olivia Twist baby, I took THIS photo:

She's a future Oscar winner, no doubt. That, by the way, is "Bedtime Bear" that she's holding. It's a Care Bear, and no, I didn't buy it for her.


Karla said...

OH poor poor girl. You could put her up as a sad poster child for UNICEF...

Really, you DO torture her so. All that love. food and attention must be hard for the poor mite.

(Seriously? DAMN she's a pretty girl.)

Jules said...

Welcome to my nightmare! Hey maybe if Geeg gets a few more then we have have the singing circle! Think I'm kidding??? Check out Welcome to Care-a-lot, mutha f.

Has she thrown a totally bitchin tantrum over brushing her teeth yet? I want that on film.