Wednesday, October 26, 2005

My mom is NOT a lesbian.

Last Saturday night, my aunt and her husband took my mom to see Robert Earl Keen at Gruene Hall. It was a gorgeous fall night, and although Robert Earl Keen isn't really my speed, it would've been a great night to see ANY show at Gruene Hall. I was proud of mom for getting out and about, and was curious to see how things went the next day. Here's the conversation we had on the phone on Sunday:

Me: So, how was the show?
Mom: It was good. The weather was awesome.
Me: Yeah...
Mom: It was really crowded. Lots of people smoking and waving their cigarettes into your face.
Me: I hate that.
Mom: Yeah...that Robert Earl Keen is handsome.
Me: Yeah, he's pretty good looking.
Mom: Peggy (my aunt) and I were digging him.
Me: Cool.
Mom: There was this weird lady there who kept touching me.
Me (laughing): What?
Mom: She was patting me on the shoulder and kept acting like she knew me...trying to talk to me, but it was so loud.
Me: Was she drunk?
Mom: I think so. She ended up reaching down and grabbing my hand and just holding it.
Me: WHAT?! What did you do?
Mom: I just sort of stood there. Then I moved over on the other side of Peggy and Mike to get away.
Me: Did she follow you?
Mom: No. She was weird.
Me: Mom, she was gay. She was totally hitting on you.
Mom: What? No way!
Me: Um..yes, she was.
Mom: Well, she was about six feet tall...

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Badger said...

Hahahahaaa! OMG. We should totally get our moms together sometime. Er, my mom's not a lesbian either, so don't take that the wrong way.