Monday, March 07, 2005

Weekend Away, #2

On Saturday, I woke up and it was very gloomy outside. I walked down to the river and was amazed at the quietness of it. Being here at the tail end of winter is so different than visiting during the bustling summer months. I wished I had a canoe that I could get in and just float away.

After getting ready, I went and shopped at the shops along the “Old Ingram Loop.” What this is is a collection of about 8 little shops selling everything from hand-tooled belts and cowboy boots, to furniture made of antlers, to antique lamps, etc. There weren’t many folks shopping, so it was pretty laid back. I parked at one end, and hopped from shop to shop. All of the shop keepers were very chatty in that laid back, small town kind of a way. I went into a shop called “Judith’s,” and Judith was there showing off her collection of patriotic stuffed bears that, when activated, sing “God Bless America.” She said it was her “tribute to the troops.” There was another woman in the shop next door who was chatting to me about her 19-year old shop cat and about how her friend had a new grandbaby. The last place I stopped on the loop was owned by this hippie couple who’d moved there from Scottsdale “because it got too big,” and were now getting worried about Ingram/Kerrville heading in the same direction because they’re “about to put in a damn drive-thru Starbucks on Hwy. 27.” This shop had two lumbering shop dogs, both Labs, who followed you around and leaned against you for some love whenever they had the chance.

After the Ingram Loop, I ventured into downtown Kerrville, and ducked into the antique mall to avoid the ever-increasing rain. I wandered around in there for almost 2 hours. There was a LOT to look at, but I didn’t end up buying anything. After that little adventure, I realized it was already 3:30pm, and I hadn’t eaten anything. So I grabbed a sandwich and headed back to the cabin. I ate and lay down to read a book, and didn’t last more than one chapter. The steady rain on the metal roof lulled me to sleep.

Jenny and Lindsay arrived that evening, What-a-Burger bags in hand. We chowed down and made a few pitchers of margaritas that we drank while chatting and laughing. It was nice and mellow. These gals are both mothers of two little ones, so it’s rare that they get to play mom-hooky and get away for an hour, much less a whole night. So I think they had a nice time, even though we didn’t do anything more than hang out.

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