Tuesday, April 06, 2010

This? Sucks.

Remember a few weeks ago when I listed all of the potential symptoms of hypothyroidism that awaited me after my surgery? Well guess what. I'd say that I'm experiencing 90% of them right now, and it is horrible.

I'm not sleeping. My stomach is a wreck. I can't regulate my body temperature. I'm super depressed and jittery. I cry at least once a day. I cannot concentrate to save my life. I have to write everything down because I literally cannot remember things one minute to the next. My skin is horribly dry and itchy (more so than normal). I'm totally broken out. I am angry for no reason. And I get hit with 10 tons of tired every afternoon.

Maybe it's a GOOD thing that I'm isolated from friends, family, and the general public right now. I'm not very pleasant to be around, that's for sure.

On the upside, here's the view out of one of my bedroom windows:

So, you know. There's that.


Sinda said...

You are totally kicking ass and taking names. I'm so impressed with everything you've handled so well, all the plans you've had to make and carry out, and how generally bad-ass you've been.

Stephanie said...

I just met one of your friends at a school meeting. I too just went through the removal of my entire thyroid on March 25th and I was lucky enough to not to take the radioactive pill. I feel for you. I waited a week before they gave me synthroid. I am still adjusting to it. The week before I got my meds' I was super depressed and my husband just couldn't understand, it was difficult to sleep and eat. The eating was down right horrible. I felt like I was pregnant again, waking up in the middle of the night and having to eat something beacuse it felt as if I hadn't eaten for 3 days. I tried to go to work before the meds, and all I could muster is getting ready and driving to work by the time I got there I was completly exhausted. I left an 1 hour later in complete and total digust. I would to email you and talk about it. I am not much into bloging so let me know if your intersted.