Thursday, April 15, 2010


OMG. So busy. Can't really blog. But must.

Good news: My full body scan came back yesterday with the ALL FREAKIN' CLEAR!! And to add to that seriously awesome news, I got to start taking my thyroid replacement hormone. I'm already feeling a bump in my energy after only two doses. No afternoon SUPER DRAG today (for the first time in weeks)!

Which is good timing because let me break down the next couple of days for you:
  • Tomorrow morning, fly to Birmingham, AL (via Dallas) at 7:40 in the damn morning. For work. Go to/work at event tomorrow evening in the B'ham store.
  • Leave B'ham at 9:55 am on Saturday, and return to Austin (via Nashville).
  • Land. Then IMMEDIATELY head to Llano county to attend a 40th b-day soiree of one of my favorite people (my NYC-based friend Tom) at one of my favorite places ("Casa Avocado"--my friends Lin and Ollie's ranch).
  • Sunday. Do all of that get-ready-for-the-week stuff I always have to do on Sundays. Laundry. Grocery shopping. Etc.
  • Monday. Back to work where an already-packed calendar awaits me.
So yes, this is the first time I've gotten to travel for work in nearly 2 years (due to travel/budget restrictions), and it just happens to fall on a weekend when a friend I never get to see is visiting town. Awesome.

The other thing that has me all wound up? This whole Russia-shutting-down-all-U.S.-adoptions-in-reaction-to-one-crazy-lady's-horrible-decision thing. The emotional toll that this HORRIBLY reactionary decision is having on untold people in the adoption pipeline is simply unfathomable to me. Imagine being there on Trip 2, preparing for your court date, excited about finally getting to take your child home and complete your family, giving him/her the love/attention that they so much need and deserve, only to be told that you have to leave without them...leave them behind in that godforsaken orphanage...without knowing if/when you'll ever see them again.

It's like a kick to the gut.

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