Monday, April 05, 2010

Isolation Diary, Day 1

Amount of work done: Everything I had due today has been accomplished. Tomorrow, I actually plan to get ahead (if there is such a state of being.)

General mood: Frustrated but accepting. Beginning to relax. Thankful.

Outside the window: Sunny. Sun setting. Breezy.

On the menu: For dinner--Soup and a fresh salad.

Predicted bedtime: Earlyish.

Thing(s) I realized my accomodations are missing: Kleenex; Some light bulbs (there are several that are burned out); a soaking tub; decent cell reception w/in the dwelling; comfy work location.

Thing I've realized I forgot to pack:  Nothing...yet.

Photo of the day: View outside my front door


La Turista said...

Can you turn that light out over there? That green, glowing one? I'm trying to sleep.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Lady. You can do this standing on you head!

Are you allowed to get out in the spring weather ?? Looks like a nice place to walk.