Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Isolation Diary, Day 3

WARNING: If you can't handle stir-crazy, hormonally-challenged, women in their early 40s w/o makeup, then don't watch this:


Badger said...

Aw, my first apartment was about that size but (a) it did not have an awesome view of Lake Travis and (b) I was not radioactive when I lived there, and thus was able to leave it occasionally.

Pretty sure I had that same stove and dishwasher, though. Or the 1989 versions thereof.

And that basin sink is WHACK.

Glad you'll be able to go back home soon! Yeesh.

Karla said...

I am simultaneously jealous and also feeling sorry for you.

Wish it could be just a vacation and not isolation!

At least you can sit out in the sun and enjoy the warmth. (I shocked people by wearing only knee socks to work with my dress, thus leaving my thighs EXPOSED TO THE EVIL APRIL COLD, which apparently can cause death.)

Love you honey, keep your chin up.

hotpinksox said...

This place look s great. I know you must be bored. But hang in there. Too bad you can't use the pool.

SUS said...

Wow! It really is on Lake Travis!

Enjoy some afternoon Law & Order: Criminal Victims Investigation on TBS or USA or some other crap cable network.