Tuesday, April 20, 2010


You know how when you go to some restaurants and you have leftovers and you ask for a doggie bag and they say, "Surely. Let me wrap it up for you!" and then they whisk away your half-eaten whatever and come back with it cleverly disguised as a big foil swan or big foil goat or some such shit?

Wanna know what happens at OUR house when your leftovers consist of one turkey sausage and two Yukon potatoes?

Ladies and gentlemen: FRIDGE DICK!!

BH packed this up all nice for me so I could take it to work and have it for lunch tomorrow.

He's so sweet...


Jaye Joseph said...

It just makes me sad that you didn't put that in the fridge at work like that. You would have made many people's day. And by many people, I mean me.

hotpinksox said...


Badger said...

Hot damn, I'm hungry just looking at it!

Karla said...

HAhahahaha. I would have TOTALLY brought that to work and brought it down to the canteen to eat in front of everyone.