Monday, June 22, 2009

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up, Part 3

And so, what’s the plan? Something’s got to change, right? I can’t be one of those people who realize that things are not as she wishes and, instead of actually DOING anything about it, just complains and wallows in her own self-pity. I mean, I could be one of those people, but I don’t want to be.

I’ve already spoken with BH and told him that I desperately want and need to take some time off next spring/summer to attend some sort of intensive writing workshop. There are dozens of them at universities all over the South, and I want to be there, away from everything that’s “normal” about my life, focused on something that digs deep within this old brain of mine and awakens what is dormant. Now figuring out which one I want to attend, how to submit application/get accepted, how to finance the whole thing, how The Geej will be tended to while I’m gone, and how I’m going to swing it work-wise is going to be what I have to do. And I mean it: I HAVE to do this. This can’t be one of those things I plan on and then never actually go through with. I’m hoping by committing it to writing in this somewhat public forum, that it will not only inform the universe of my intent, but also help fuel my drive to make this happen. Because how much would it suck if I were to drop the ball on this and then look back at this post a year or so from now and have to own up to myself and those who’d read these words about my failure.

Consider this my commitment. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.


La Turista said...

Does it have to be the South in the summer? Because I would prefer to visit you somewhere up North. Or Europe. Thanks.

Word ver: nonsigh
As in, "It was so damn hot, all she could do was nonsigh and dream of winter."

Keetha said...

I agree - you have to do this! It sounds like your mental health and well being may be at stake. I'm looking forward to seeing this all come to fruition for you.

Sinda said...

My sister has taken one with Lynda Barry out at the Crossroads - lifechanging.

Emily said...

Okay you. Let me know how I can help. You're a bad ass, so this should be a great adventure.