Sunday, June 28, 2009

One chick's trash is another chick's reason for spending two 100+ degrees days cleaning out storage bins in the garage.

BEHOLD! These are just SOME of the treasures I uncovered...
I found some gorgeous, stylish jewelry.

Patriotic mugs, just in time for The Fourth!!

Some VHS tapes (yes, VHS!!) and books commemorating really cool TV shows:

A kick-ass "rain pancho" in a moldy packet. Here it is, modeled by my handsome and brave husband: Just SOME of the cat-themed gifts given to me because, you know, I like cats and shit*:

(*Should you ever be wanting to purchase a gift for me in the future, I IMPLORE you, nothing cat-related. Mmmmkay?)

Programs from some concerts I attended. (Perhaps this begins to explain the extreme variety of my musical taste):

A collection of plastic mugs from various places of employment:

A pamphlet from the Austin "Downtowner Motor Inn" from a trip my family made down here in the 1970s. Apparently, I was impressed because, you know, I kept this for like 30+ years:

Quite possibly the greatest bumper sticker of all time:

(Don't worry. I didn't throw this away. Oh HELL no. It's now gracing the door of my deep-freeze.)

This Gumby pin:

This framed piece of lace (made in China!) that actually hung in my apartment's bathroom when I lived in Birmingham. I can't believe I ever thought that this "Kountry Charm" crap was my style...

An unopened CD called, "Guitar for Lovers." I mean just LOOK at those lovers on the cover!! Sexxxy.

An extremely disturbing and creepy self-portrait of my friend Andrew in his underwear that he sent me in the mail:

My one and only trophy/crown from my one and only beauty pageant I was ever in. Miss Starlite "Talent Winner" 1983, bitches!!

This little green plastic baby:

An impressive collection of highly-intellectual literature:

Art by moi:

A Xerox of a tarot card or something called "The Emperor". I'm not really sure about this one, but I was too creeped out and superstitious to throw it away:

A Snork:

A contact sheet from my one and only "head shot" session from back when I thought I might try to be an actress:

A page from an elementary school class project about Texas history:

A Gilda Radner paper doll book that features costumes from her most famous characters:

A "grow your own boyfriend" thing that someone who thought I was way too single must've given me:

A Stevie Ray Vaughn memorial set design drawing done for my Scene Design class in college. Yes, I'm serious:

A menu. From a trans-Atlantic flight. On Braniff. We were in coach. Yes, Virginia, this IS how flying used to be...

Speaking of menus, here's one from Beans. Remember Beans?!? (BTW, I used to have a menu from "Banana's" too, but I tossed the LAST time I did a purge of this shit):
And last, but DEFINITELY not least (not this week, anyway) this bumper sticker: Yep. I'm awesome.


La Turista said...

FIrst of all - quit yer bitchin' because I've told you MANY times since you moved in that I would help you clean out the garage - mostly in the winter months.

Second, Mac Davis was one of my first concerts - him and Helen Reddy.

Third, I guess I'll have to return the cat-themed VHS collection with free plastic mug I got you for Christmas.

Next, sweet SRV set - how have I never seen that and why wasn't framed and hung in our laundry room, with candles, etc.?

And Holy Lord, that pic of Andrew is so ... so ...

Finally, I miss Beans.

Badger said...

Holy crap dude, you're like your own museum of weird! Awesome!

And I refuse to believe you actually saw Steve & Eydie in concert. Mac Davis, okay, but Steve & Eydie? Oh HELL NO.

The Emperor IS a tarot card, and you should get rid of it. Everyone I've ever read for who was going through a divorce, or ABOUT to go through a divorce, drew the Emperor (or worse, the Emperor inverted). It's your ex. BURN IT.

Karla May said...


Not ONLY did I see Steve and Edie, I also saw Mitzi Gaynor and another time I saw Ferante and Ticher (sp?). My mom would buy tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals, and we'd got see that shit. For REALS.

And yes, I'll take your advice and throw out The soon as I can find it.

hotpinksox said...

I love it!