Friday, June 26, 2009

Clearly I posted too early yesterday.

At post time, only ONE of my childhood icons had passed away and it had only gotten up to one-oh-two.

By the time I'd left work, Michael Jackson was dead, and it was one-oh-seven outside.

I have been listening to Michael's (pre-"Bad" only) music--as a solo artist and with his brothers--almost non-stop since yesterday afternoon. My personal song fest/dance party has sparked many MJ-related memories (to come in a future post...probably tomorrow).

But for now, I'm going to rest up for the Big Garage Clean Out, Part One that's starting tomorrow. That's right people: I'm spending most of my Saturday working in a garage that promises to get into the triple digits, heat-wise. So try not to be too jealous.

Until tomorrow...

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