Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hot, Hot, HOT Happenings

And I'm using the word "hot," literally here. Here is some bullet-pointy goodness for you. I'm going to get a cool drink...

  • Got TOTALLY sucked into the College World series. The Longhorns fought a good fight, but that last game was a heartbreaker.
  • The Geej finished her first session of swimming lessons, and her second session begins in a couple of weeks. She’s come so far in four weeks! Much more willing to stick her face in and focus on the mechanics of swimming. Plus, it’s just fun to watch her splash around and become more confident.
  • Super worried about my mom’s youngest brother who has a mysterious—and large—mass on his kidneys. We’ll know more about what’s up by the end of this week hopefully. I’m very nervous for him.
  • Holy Hell it’s hot, people. Did I already mention that? I took this photo on the way home yesterday. One-oh-freakin’-two!! But it IS summer in Texas, so really, what can we expect? (And look! I’m getting 27 mpg!!)
  • Planning on moving to a new area/cubicle at work in the next week or so. In a little less than 10 years, this will make the 8th different location (in 3 different buildings) I’ve sat in.
  • Went on a bit of a road trip last weekend, courtesy of BH’s mom and step-father. They put us (and BH’s brother and sister-in-law) up here while they looked after our kids for two nights. Sweet, no? While I was there, I took advantage of the spa, having a great massage and an overdue facial. I also got to meet some more of BH’s family when we attended a 40th birthday party for one of his cousins. It was fun, but it was also a LOT to pack into one weekend. Looking forward to just being at home this weekend.
  • I’m sad about the death of Farrah Fawcett. Like most women my age, “Charlie’s Angels” was a weekly staple when I was a tween.
  • I’ve been very sucked up into the tense and horrible situation in Iran. For all of its significant flaws, we are truly blessed to live in this country and enjoy all of its freedoms.
  • I’ve been researching writing workshops for next spring/summer, and am going to reach out to an actual Famous Published Writer that can hopefully give me some advice. Stay tuned for what I learn.
  • Hoping to do some serious garage-cleaning-out this weekend. In the sweltering heat. I know!! Doesn’t that sound like fun?!
  • Ate an amazing (and very expensive) salad here for lunch today. Dang, it was good.
  • I’ve recently reconnected—in person—with some long lost college friends who I originally reconnected with virtually on FacePlace. It was awesome. Conjured a lot of fond memories but, at the same time, made me realize how very, very long ago those days were. Sigh.
  • Happy belated Father’s Day to all those daddies out there. If you’re lucky enough to still have your father in your life, tell him you love him and give him a hug, just for the Hell of it.


Jules said...

Did you watch the Farah special? It really caused a paradigm shift in how I thought of her. She'd always seemed so vapid and useless... and this is not to say that being known for your hair and swimsuit attire deems you useful, but, she WASN'T a stupid bubble head. She was funny and articulate. Who knew?

SUS said...

I had a salad at that Leaf place about a month ago. I wasn't blown away (I much prefer making my own salad from the WF salad bar with that awesome balsamic vinagrette).