Monday, March 02, 2009

And suddenly, it was March.

I'm not sure how it happened, but we're now in month three of this year. We celebrated the new month by heading to the Zilker Kite Festival with The Geej and BH's youngest, F. We'd had such a good time when we went this year, but for some reason this year, the whole event was kind of blah. Maybe it was our timing (we got there pretty early in the day) or maybe it was the HORRIBLE music they felt compelled to BLARE over horrible speakers so that everyone in a 5 mile radius could hear it. I'm not sure... We tried and tried, but were unable to get our bumble bee kite airborne, despite a healthy wind. Luckily there were several bouncy houses to keep The Geej entertained. After it was all said and done, we went and drowned our sorrows in big ol' greasy plates of Tex-Mex, and that seemed to make everything better.

Later on in the evening, Doug decided to sit on his sister while she was sleeping.

I love how he's all, "What?!" in this photo.

Did I tell y'all that I joined a gym? I know, right? I'm like the most NON gym person you'll ever meet, but a) they were having a special offer for people at my work where they would waive the $150 joining fee and b) the damn gym is literally across the street from my office, so it's not like I could make up too many excuses not to go there, and c) I'm a tub of goo with high blood pressure who needs to get off my arse and do something active a few times a week. So far, I've been going on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons pretty consistently. I'm also trying to fit in one work out each weekend as well. Right now, I'm mainly doing cardio with a wee bit of free weights. After I do this for a couple of months, I'll be ready to move on to some real strength training. I was worried about how I was going to be able to pay for this each month, but then I sat down and did the math and reallized that if I brought my lunch to work at least twice a week, I could offset the cost of monthly dues. Plus save some calories as an added benefit. I'm not ever going to be a supermodel, but I'm hoping this gym membership--and the actual outlay of cash each month--will inspire me to increase my overal physical health. Because, you know, I'm FORTY FREAKIN' YEARS OLD!!

One more thing: The great Master Bathroom Facelift Project 2009 is almost complete. I just need to get some new bathroom accessories, and BH has a couple of man things (i.e., things that require tools) that remain to be done, and I'll post some pictures. I'm VERY happy with how it has turned out. I'll be curious to see what you out there in the Interwebs think...

Not much else to report here from ye olde Pine Curtain. Thankfully, things are actually kind of calm right now. But March is going to be a busy month, so check back often!

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