Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sometimes I love where I work.

So y'all know what an utter SLAVE I am to all things cute, yes?

I mean, it could be a kitten, a baby or a miniature ketchup bottle. If it's teeny, and adorable, I grin and melt.

Well, imagine my delight when the team I work on at work announced a "babies nomming on food" photo contest on our website a couple of weeks ago. Holy HELL, people! It has been non-stop baby scoping since then! And today, some of the finalists were posted on a wall here for all of us to vote on. And can I just tell you people how much NON-STOP UNADULTERATED JOY this one young gentleman has brought me?

I give you Baby #3289--let's call him "Lil' Chunk"--enjoying some carrots:

Can you fucking BELIEVE this kid? ZOMG, he's the bomb.

I can't look at him without becoming happier than I was before I opened his photo.

Long live Carrot Boy and his perfectly round head!!


hotpinksox said...

OMG! Too funny!

SUS said...

Now that's cute!

Jules said...

Oh holy Jesus. I have a new love of carrots.

mama herbivore said...

think of his mother's twat!

Karla May said...

@ mama herbivore: I'd rather not. But seriously--the noggin' on this kid? I've never seen anything quite like it.

mama herbivore said...

remember teh people in the movie wallE? he also kinda looks like them. i love him!