Monday, March 09, 2009

It's still not 100% done...

...but I can't wait to show photos any longer because it already looks SO much freakin' better.

Okay: The Great Master Bathroom Facelift of 2009


When I moved in, I replaced the carpet (eww...carpet in a bathroom) with the tile you see here. And I also replaced the sink fixtures, and BH installed one of those cool curved-outward shower curtains.

But please look at that big ol' 80s wall-sized mirror (taped up here and ready for us to smash before removal. THAT was fun!).

And the lovely peanut butter smeary looking faux finish paint.

Not horrible, but definitely not very cool looking either.

But behold how it looks now:
Unfortunately, this photo doesn't really show the true colors of the walls, which are cream and a chalkboard slate-y blueish green.
Nice, huh?

We still have to get some new accessories and decor, put some wood trim up where the ceiling/walls meet, and BH is going to build some much-needed drawers in the space where an unused make-up stool is now parked (that big empty space beneath the counter in the next-to-last photo above). And then, when all of THAT is said and done, we'll need to repaint all the white cabinets and trim.

But seriously, doesn't this look better...even without a bidet?


Hecticmom Undone said...

Beautiful! We so need to update our master bathroom - but I'm such a interior decorator FAIL! I have no vision. We do have yucky gross-o carpet in our bathroom. Blrh!

I should fly you out so you can tell us what we should do. :D

My verfication word is bangsan - haha!

Sinda said...

it looks great! Definitely worth that lost weekend!

hotpinksox said...

It looks great. Will you come do my bathroom?

SUS said...

That's awesome. Looks like you have the same vintage bathroom as our house. We still have our gross carpeting though.

How easy/difficult was it to pull up carpeting and put down tile or linoleum throughout?

Bookhart said...

It's lovely but dude you are just asking for more bidet spam?

Word verification: probb. As in, "it's PROBB going to happen that you will get more bidet spam."

mama herbivore said...

that is an amazing transformation! i am muy impressed.

Lee said...

That is really beautiful.

I haz a jealous.