Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I COULD be eating my salad outside on this gorgeous spring day, but no dear readers. I owe you a post, and a post ye shall have!

It is St. Patrick's day, and it is Spring Break and SXSW. And what is my Scots-Irish ass doing after work to celebrate? Going to the gym to work out! Whee!! But seriously, there are going to be some insanely good acts in town for South By this year, and I'm going to pretty much miss out on all of it. I was going to try and take Friday afternoon off to hit some of the day parties, but my boss scheduled a meeting from 3 to 4pm. Nice. So, I'll have to settle for trying to hit some Saturday afternoon things that don't mind non-wristband wearing scum like myself. We'll see how that goes...

Last week I went and did phase 2 of the redhead-returning-to-blonde thing at the salon. So after another 3 hours and a couple of hundred bucks, voila!
It was weird looking at myself in the mirror as a blonde for the first time in seven (yes, seven!) years. I was looking at the "old" Karla May, but the Karla May that was looking back at me was a lot older, and "fuller-figured" than the last time she was blonde. Oh well...the old, I can't help. The figure, I'm working on.

The facelift at Mi Casa continues. Now that the bathroom is pretty much done, we've moved on to other rooms in the house. First, we replaced the HORRIBLE 1980s-era fluorescent light box in the kitchen with this swanky little number from IKEA. No really, go check it out. I'll wait.
Not bad, eh? GOD, it makes SUCH a difference. I can't even describe it. And since I failed to take before and after photos, I have no pictures to do the describing for me.

Next up, transforming the guest room into a room for the boys to enjoy when they come to visit. Right now it's, well, it's a guest room, and so they feel like guests when they're here. So we're going to re-paint, get some new furniture, and try to make it more boy-friendly. BH is in charge of this endeavor because, you know, he's a dude.

I've got more to write, but I've got to get ready for a meeting. (Such are the limitations of the lunchtime blogging session.) So, I'll leave you with some photos I took when we visited the state capital weekend-before-last:

Looking up in the dome from the rotunda. I wonder how many tourists have taken this exact same photo.

My GIRL Ann!! What a lovely portrait, no? Too bad it has to hang right next to George W.'s.

And the building itself. It really is quite lovely, isn't it?

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Badger said...

Dude! I am LOVING the hair!

And God, I miss Ann. I'll never forget the sight of her impeccable white bouffant bobbing along in a sea of male models as she made her way to the senate floor. When she left, she took all the hot secret service guys with her. Sigh.