Monday, March 23, 2009

Lunchtime blogging...again.

Seems to be the only time I can find to blog while I actually have the brainpower to manipulate the keyboard is in between bites while dining at my desk.

Another SXSW came and went without me participating at all. I mean, I did attend one itty bitty in-store set (by one of my favorite dudes of all time), but that was pretty much it. And I was even "child free" on Saturday and COULD'VE gone and hit some day parties. But I opted to stay home and work in the yard instead. I am truly astounded by my own lameness. But hey, at least the plants look nice!
The jasmine has been blooming like crazy for a couple of weeks now. It's right outside our bedroom window, so when we sleep with the windows open (which we've been doing), it just smells wonderful.
This is the Carolina Jessamine vine I planted a couple of springs ago. This is the first spring it's really put out blooms.
My sweet husband (who has a WICKED green thumb) stuck some bulbs in the ground this winter, unbeknownst to me. And so now, we have these happy guys popping up all over the place in utterly random locations.

And check out this cute little cedar elm he planted. It'll make a nice shade about 15 years.

You should probably also check out this nice bus that was parked across the street from my office building for most of last week during the festival.

Their mothers must be so proud.

Also, I TOTALLY forgot to mention the OTHER score we made at the Citywide Garage sale--paint-by-numbers ART!!

These guys go nicely with the other paint-by-numbers horse portrait we already had hanging in the dining room.

This week is going to be pretty eventful. BH is working in Kerrville today and tomorrow, so The Geej and I are flying solo tonight. Then, Wednesday is BH's big FOUR OH! We don't have anything special planned for that night, but I did buy us tickets to go see Neko Case at Stubb's next Tuesday. Also on Wednesday, he's going to College Station to get his boys who are going to be staying with us until Sunday (while their mother goes to help their grandmother move from Colorado to California). Friday, The Geej is going to a photo session as a little model! It's for a marketing campaign that Whole Foods is doing this summer, and it involves popsicles, so it should be entertaining if nothing else. And Saturday? A fairy princess dance party for Margaret's YG. Man! Whatta week!!

Hopefully I can find time to squeeze in a couple of workouts at the gym in the midst of all of this craziness. I'm actually ENJOYING my time at the gym and don't like it when I miss my regular days.

I know there's more I'm forgetting to write about, but my lunch is done and my brain is empty. Hopefully my next post will be less mundane.

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Badger said...

Dude! We planted cedar elms at our old house and they actually grew a lot faster than we thought they would. They were throwing decent shade -- not over the whole yard, but a big enough spot that you could stick a chair in it -- within maybe 3 years. They're nice trees. I wish we had room to plant a couple at the house we're in now.