Saturday, February 28, 2009

Bravest daughter ever.

Earlier this week, I took The Geej to her 2nd dentist appt. ever. Her first one, although it went well, still ended with her giving the 3 1/2 year old's version of, "Oh HELL no!" to the dental assistant who tried to clean her teeth. But on Tuesday, she just marched right up there, sat back in the seat, and let them do their thing. It was pretty impressive, actually. She was just so...I dunno...BIG. I was very, very proud. (She got an A+ on her teeth, by the way.)

Then today, we went to this green living expo thing down at the convention center, and they had several booths with both state and federal nature conservancy groups represented. At the U.S. Forest Service's booth however, they had a real live SNAKE to attract the kiddos. And The Geej went to it like a moth to flame. She wasn't scared at all; just curious and thrilled. Again, I was so proud I could've burst.
Just look at her with her little pink Hello Kitty purse. GOD, she's awesome.
The girl is growing up. Sigh.

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Jules said...

Wow, she is brave.

Aren't we supposed to have an inherent fear of snakes, caves and falling? Or is that just me?

Just how many lip glosses were in that bag? We have a whole pile of things to send to her, by the way. She'll "love them".