Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Come on in, the water's fine!

Dive into my stream of consciousness...if you DARE:

I caught Olympic fever, albeit a bit late in the game. The thing that caught me? The women's marathon finish this past weekend. I wept when the winner made her way into the Bird's Nest. And I don't even LIKE running!! But since then, I've been glued to the t.v. each night, staying up way too late to watch sports I normally don't care about. Damn you, Olympic fever! Let me be!

I scheduled and had a termite inspection done at the house today. Why? Well, paranoia basically. I'd had one done when I bought the house (back in late 2005), but not since then. Good news: We're termite free! Yay!

However, we DID kill a "roof rat" last night. I say "we", but really it was the brave and fearless BH who handled the whole thing (thank God). Being a wildlife biologist, he'd noticed some suspicious "droppings" on the roof of the house underneath where it and the deck roof meet. So he bought this evil looking trap and set it last night (with peanut butter) and when he checked this morning, grisly victory. I didn't look at the victim, but I could make out its outlines in the plastic shopping bag that served as its coffin, and that mofo was BIG, y'all. Ewww... BH claims we caught "the dumb one", but has set the trap again hoping for another, you know, capture.

Geej survived her first ever visit to the dentist yesterday. She was kind of freaked at the concept, but thanks to the VERY friendly atmosphere and totally kid-focused office space, she chilled out and did great. And how BIG does she look?

Why did I take this photo? So I could send it to her Dah who is on an Alaskan cruise this week. I'm SO jealous because it sounds like she is seeing some amazing sights and experiencing some exceptional weather. Today she took a helicopter tour of Glacier National Park. I'm so glad she's doing this!!

Today I also met with a cleaning service to see about getting them to clean our house periodically. Let me back up: my mom had a lady who cleaned our house FOR YEARS named Rosella. Anyway, she came once every other week, and did the big stuff that my mom couldn't get to b/c she worked full time and was a mom, etc. At the time, I was sort of horrified b/c I thought it was rather bourgeoisie. But, being a lazy teenager, I was secretly grateful that my lazy ass wasn't having to do the heavy lifting. Since then, however, I've been proud of how I've managed to keep a clean house and stay on top of things no matter how crazy busy my life has been. However, even though BH does his fair share of housework, the big stuff--cleaning the bathrooms, dusting, mopping the floors, etc.--eat up my weekends, and that? Sucks. So a couple of weeks ago, I'm on my way home on a Friday afternoon after a stressful week at work, and BH's boys were coming to visit, and all I could think about was, "I've got to get home and clean up the house." Like a sign from Jah, I ended up behind a cleaning service's van with its slogan: "Don't Go Home to a Second Job, " and I was like HELL YES, I shouldn't have to go home to a second job! I'm calling these people! I met with their rep today, and she couldn't have been more pleasant and professional. And their service sounds completely awesome and totally what I'm looking for. So we're starting them out at just a once-a-month cleaning, which should be plenty for us. If not--and if I can afford it--I'll bump it up to twice a month. I'm still feeling a bit guilty about having to enlist help for this part of my life, but right now, I really need it.

Speaking of stress relief...I finally went and got some acupuncture this week. I've done this before--for endometriosis and for sciatica, both times with great success--but it's been a while. I found this great local place, and hooked up with one of their practicioners, and am very happy with all of it. I'll be going for a weekly series of treatments for about a month and then go on maintenence. This is step one in Operation: Get Healthy Before I'm Freakin' Forty. Wish me luck.

Things at work seem a bit less grim this week, but there's still layoffs going on (in the regional offices) this week, so I'm feeling a lot of compassion (and worry) for my friends and colleagues who work in those offices. Just trying to keep focused and be productive and positive is my main goal at the moment.

I cannot wait until "Burn After Reading" comes out.

I'm happy that we've gotten a bit of rain this week. In fact, we got 1/2" in ye olde rain gauge yesterday. Wish we could get some more...

I won something!! Free lunch at this place (which is damn tasty, btw)! I put my business card in the proverbial fish bowl, and boom: I got an e-mail to tell me I'd won!! Why am I so excited? Because I swear that this is the first thing I've won since I won a strawberry sheet cake in the Kilgore Jaycee's cake walk at the city's Halloween carnival when I was 9. Honestly.

Okay. The U.S. just won beach volleyball gold, so I'm safe to turn off the tube and go to bed until I feel the fever tomorrow night.


Hecticmom Undone said...

Can I tell you that I couldn't survive without my cleaning service? Don't feel guilty - it's part of outsourcing the stuff that can be outsourced in your home. If you were a stay at home mom - it would be totally different. But, let me tell you - it is the most wonderful feeling to come home to a freshly cleaned house. Seriously.

Lee said...

That's what the Olympics is all about: You don't care, until suddenly you do. Unfortunately, people will soon go back to not caring about my favorite sport (track & field) for another four years.

How about that Usain Bolt?

Tuli said...

I say rock the cleaning service if you can! We're all busy people and getting the help you need to keep your sanity is well, sane.

(My goal - after graduating next April - is to get a job that will allow me to get a cleaning service AND a lawn service. And I'll consider every dime well spent.)

Karla May said...

Oh Lee--Usain and pretty much the entire Jamaican track and field team have been so much fun to watch. He, however, is amazing. I saw him win the 200m last night and break a new world's record. Wow.

Lee said...

Some background on just how amazing Bolt's 200 record was: When Michael Johnson ran 19.32 at the 1996 Olympics, he broke the old record by three-tenths of a second, which is HUGE in a sprint. At that time, no one else had even run under 19.70. Many of us track fans seriously believed Johnson's record would stand until after we were all dead. We're all pretty amazed that it only lasted 12 years.

Bolt was only 10 years old when Johnson set his record!

hotpinksox said...

I always felt guilty about the idea of having a maid, until I really needed one. Then not so much.

I have also catch the fever and can't stop watching.

SUS said...

I dream of having a cleaning lady someday. We were supposed to have one when my car got paid off (last Nov), but somehow we absorbed that "extra" money and I don't know where it went!

La Turista said...

Huzzah for cleaning services! With all their potions and whatnot!

And we are all up in the Olympics over here as well - Olive told me yesterday to hurry to the TV because the girls were running in "the Buuurd's Nest" again.

toxomaman said...

Yes, I too, have Olympic fever - or as Creed calls them, "The O-rim-pics!" Oh,
the beach volleyball, the gymnastics, the sprinters, and Michael Phelps!!!

As for the cleaning lady, I have one every week - there is no way you need to be cleaning your own toilet!!! Hire 'em now!!