Wednesday, August 06, 2008

I am a busy, busy lady.

So here goes: a rundown of the haps in the past little bit of time.

Got my hairs did.
Y'all, I'm putting some blonde streaks into my red, and am loving it. And this assymetrical bob thing? Best cut I've had in a while.

Ordered my wedding dress.
You really have NO idea few age-appropriate, small informal ceremony-appropriate, flattering, elegant-yet-funky dresses there are out there. I'll give you a hint: not many. But I ordered mine today from an AWESOME local place, and it'll be here in 8 weeks--just enough time to have it altered before the big day.

Took Geej for her official 4-year portraits.
I can't currently afford the kick ass fancy photographer I've used for the past three years, so I opted for a photo-in-the-box type place. It wasn't a horrible experience, but my GOD they give you a lot of photos. And some of them are delightfully cheesy. Fake beach scene anyone? Why, yes!! I mean, if I endured countless Olan Mills fake country-meadow-leaning-on-a-fake-wagon-wheel photo sessions, I figure a bit of fake sea and sand can hurt her, right?

Made the Geej's first ever dentist appointment.
It's on August 19th. I'm sort of already dreading it.

Started on the thank you notes from Geej's b-day party.
I know, I're supposed to get to this sooner. But I haven't had the time, and now? I've got PHOTO thank you cards thanks to the photo session mentioned above. Whoot!

Endured one HELL of a stressful week at work.
Let me just say that the mood around my company has and riddled with acute paranoia. But our earning's release came out yesterday (not good) and our stock tanked today (really, REALLY not good), and we all still have jobs (good). For now, at least.

Bought a "Lumbar Extender" at the Relax the Back Store so I could, you know, relax my back.
Have tried to use this Medieval torture device 3 times now:And my back is so effed up, I can only endure it for about 1 mintue. Yep, time to schedule a doctor's appointment.

Watched movies (some new, some not).
Hollywoodland. Wall-e. Bottle Rocket. Mama Mia! Super High Me. I think I may have a crush on Wall-e.

Went to see Peter Pan at the Scottish Rite Children's Theater.
Meh. Geej liked it. But it was pretty lame, even for a children's production.

Made a divine Mediterranean couscous salad and--for the first time ever--fish tacos. Yum! And picked jalapenos and the smallish heirloom tomatoes off the plants in our backyard (so far our yields are as follows: Jalapenos--3, Tomatoes--5 (plus 3 that were eaten by grackles before we could get to them).
So yeah, that's what's been happening lately. And you?


La Turista said...

The beach thing is cute, but why didn't you go for the mini Harley set-up? Maybe for your bridal portrait.

blackbird said...

You've been busy!

Get that back looked at, okay?

Mandy said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are just now taking Geej to the dentist! I had assumed everyone but me was taking their child every 6 months since the first tooth erupted... My son just turned 4 and a few days later I took him to the dentist for the first time. He was about as freaked out as I expected, did not consent to cleaning or x-rays, but did let the dentist look in his mouth at least. They didn't push my son to do anything he wasn't comfortable with. So, we'll try again in a few months. At least his teeth looked good!