Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I have lots of stuff to blog about.

No really. I do. But I'll let the photos do (most) of the talking.

Like how this past Saturday was the 3rd anniversary of the Geej's "gotcha" day (the day her adoption became official), and that means that we're offically done with the 3 years' worth of post-placement reports that have to be filed with the Russian government. Yay!! We celebrated by going to a movie (her first!) and then eating at the food court in the mall where the movie theater was (again, a first). She hadn't been to the mall since she was about 10 mos. old, and it was sort of baffling to her. She kept asking me, "What IS this place?"

And like how if you agree to play "animal doctor" with The Geej, you'd better clear your calendar for the afternoon because you're going to have a waiting room full of sick creatures needing healing.

And about how she calls confetti "fiesta," corn-on-the-cob "corn-on-the-cop," lip balm "lip chap" and convertibles "vertical cars."

And about how last Saturday evening, BH and I were lucky enough to attend my friend Laura's fabulous 40th birthday soiree cruising up and down Lake Austin.
The weather was perfection.
The company was grand.
The food and drinks were delicious.
And our vessel was named the "Miss High Life."

It just doesn't get much better.
Oh wait, yes it does. Because when you move the party essentials (i.e. vodka and cupcakes)
back to the host's house and play Rock Band
while also loving on their enormous dog, that pretty much ensures you've had the perfect evening.
And that was just SATURDAY.

Sunday, the Geej and I attended Mags's youngest's 4th birthday princess extravaganza, and the Geej deepened her love affair with fancy dresses, and body glitter.
This week's a busy one as I try and cram 5 day's worth of work into 4, because BH and I are taking off on a mini-vacation to the beach this weekend. And lord, do I need it.
More soon...

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