Monday, April 07, 2008

I can't believe I'm even going to type this.

But here's the deal, I think The Geej could be a model. Case in point:

There she is, at the bottom of this banner ad recently featured on an online parenting site. Her image was also recently featured in her school's electronic newsletter and also on the website of a photographer we used to take some pictures of her to give out for Christmas presents.

The girl does NOT take a bad photo. Ever.

But the thought of child modeling sort of icks me out. I mean, from there, it's just a slippery slope to beauty pagents, eating disorders, and chain smoking while doing lines of coke during Fashion Week. Right?


Anonymous said...

Funny that you say this.. I think the same of H. I was actually at Celebration a couple of weeks back and two separate ladies stopped me. One asked if he was a Gap model and the other told me to get him an agent ASAP. Am I crazy that I thought about it for a split second? I was thinking private school, college fund...


Karla said...

I think I remember telling you, when she was a mere babe, that when she became a supermodel I would get a percentage as the one who 'discovered' her potential. Plus I would be her guide at the shows. (Cuz you know, I am INTO that. And she needs me, y know? Fashion Aunt Karla?)
Seriously, her eyes said it all even back then.

toxomaman said...

Actually, I think she's more of a politician. We recently visited Geej's school (and no, we're not stalking her:)...loved the school though! Anyway, she was busy calmly directing everyone around her with quite a sense of authority. Making friends and influencing people. Her looks will win her votes!

Mags said...

Hey, think of it this way; the upside of doing lines of coke is that she'll stay thin.

I keeed! I keeed!

Yes, startling eyes and a beautiful heart-shaped face to could be making some serious jack on her.