Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Late to the party.

I'm in Colorado for work. I'm exhausted. But I thought about this meme in the plane all the way up here, and so I decided to do it. Some of my favorite bloggers have already done it some time ago, so I'm a bit behind the curve. But that is typical for me.

In case you've been sleeping, the rules are these:

1. Think of 10 movies you adore, then go to IMDB and get some quotes from those movies.
2. Post these quotes and ask readers to guess what movies they come from. NO GOOGLING OR CHEATING, readers, because that's just lame.
3. NEW RULE: One guess per reader, por favor.
4. Once a correct guess has been made, you credit the reader.

Simple, no?

Okay, let's get started...

(My apologies for the random underlining every now and again. It's a cut and paste thing...)

“Until you do right by me, everything you even think about gonna fail!”
Damn you, La Turista!! Yes, you DO know me so well. And yes, this is from The Color Purple. I personally love to stick my fingers out toward my enemies and lay this curse on them in my best Celie voice whenever possible.

“Take this quarter, go downtown, and have a rat gnaw that thing off your face! Good day to you, madam.”
La Turista strikes again. (I accidentally left out the rule where you're only supposed to guess one movie per person...oh well.) Uncle Buck. My very favorite John Candy movie. So sweet. So funny. And this scene? Where Buck tells off the principle at Maisy's school? Classic.

“Where do you get off behaving that way with women you don't even know, huh? How'd you feel if someone did that to your mother or your sister…or your wife?”
Ahh...Bookhart. This quote is from the scene where they make that obnoxious trucker pull over and then give him a tongue lashing before blowing his big rig away. But I'll never EVER forget laying eyes on Brad Pitt for the first time in Thelma & Louise. I went to see it with La Turista up at the old Lincoln movie theater up by Highland Mall, and I remember we both left the movie breathless. One, because of Brad, but secondly, because we'd never seen a movie about women quite like that.

When I came out into society I was 15. I already knew then that the role I was condemned to, namely to keep quiet and do what I was told, gave me the perfect opportunity to listen and observe. Not to what people told me, which naturally was of no interest to me, but to whatever it was they were trying to hide. I practiced detachment. I learn how to look cheerful while under the table I stuck a fork onto the back of my hand. I became a virtuoso of deceit. I consulted the strictest moralists to learn how to appear, philosophers to find out what to think, and novelists to see what I could get away with, and in the end it all came down to one wonderfully simple principle: win or die.
Yawn. La Turista. Again. She correctly guessed Dangerous Liaisons. I am a sucker for period films, John Malkovich, Baroque music, and Glenn Close. So the combo? Tres perfectique. I would give a jillion dollars to hoist my boobs up and get into one of those awesome costumes and play a role as meaty as the one Ms. Close owns in this film.

You know, I used to be in the music business, but now I'm what you might call retired. It's a refined name for bum.

Main Character: I can't believe it. I've been looking all over for this place. I don't know why, really. I spent a couple of days there when I was a kid, and, and I just remember having a really good time.
Old Motel Clerk: Me, too. My brother and I drowned a cat there once.
Main Character: Is that right?

Character 1: Do you know what the hell we had to go through after you took the car?
Character 2: Yeah, it was a dick move on my part. That's why I'm paying for your meal. [looks down to count money] Here's 80 for the meal, and 200 for the car
Character 3: What did you do to my car?
Character 2: I made some love stains in the back. You'll see...
Yep, Jaye--it's Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. The best movie about pot and sliders ever made.

Female: How come you don't play during daytime? I see you here everyday.
Male: During the daytime people would want to hear songs that they know, just songs that they recognize. I play these songs at night or I wouldn't make any money. People wouldn't listen. Female: I listen.
Good call, Tuli. This quote is indeed from Once. I fell utterly in love with Dublin and Glen Hansard in this film. Amazing soundtrack.

Sicilians are great liars. The best in the world. I'm Sicilian. My father was the world heavy-weight champion of Sicilian liars. From growing up with him I learned the pantomime. There are seventeen different things a guy can do when he lies to give himself away. A guys got seventeen pantomimes. A woman's got twenty, but a guy's got seventeen... but, if you know them, like you know your own face, they beat lie detectors all to hell. Now, what we got here is a little game of show and tell. You don't wanna show me nothin', but you're tellin me everything. I know you know where they are, so tell me before I do some damage you won't walk away from.
The "Anonymous" Jimmy guessed correctly: True Romance. Although super violent, I love this damn movie, for this scene, if for nothing else--Dennis Hopper and Christopher Walken at the height of their game, just chewing up the scene.

Female: God, don't you ever feel like everything we do and everything we've been taught is just to service the future?
Male 1: Yeah I know, like it's all preparation.
Female: Right. But what are we preparing ourselves for?
Male 2: Death.
Male 1: Life of the party.
Male 2: It's true.
Female: You know, but that's valid because if we are all gonna die anyway shouldn't we be enjoying ourselves now? You know, I'd like to quit thinking of the present, like right now, as some minor insignificant preamble to something else.
Dazed and Confused it is, Sus. One of the most quotable movies ever, and filmed in Austin, to boot!


La Turista said...

Dude. I know you SO well. I purposely left several of these off my list because I thought you would probably want to use them. THAT'S a pal. So, instead of running the board and ruining it for everyone, I'll just pick three:

1. The Color Purple
2. Uncle Buck
4. Dangerous Liasions

SUS said...

#10. Dazed and Confused! Yay!

(I would have guessed Dangerous Liasons too.) The others I had to look up.

Jaye Joseph said...

#7 Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. God love me some Neil Patrick Harris.

hotpinksox said...

9. Princess Bride?

Tuli said...

#8 is Once.

Ahh, the accent on that guy!

Karla May said...

Sorry HPS. Good guess, though...

Bookhart said...

#3 Thelma and Louise. Sweet Brad Pitt hotness.

Anonymous said...

#9 True Romance. Christopher Walken rules... as does Jimmy.