Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Where was I...?

Oh yes. At the beach. Only a few short daze ago.

Truth be told, this past weekend was originally the weekend we'd planned to get married. But life happens, and we postponed the Big Day, and haven't managed to reschedule yet. So we decided that even though we weren't getting hitched this past weekend, we at least deserved a long weekend away together. So Dah agreed to keep The Geej, and we hopped on a plane for a short ride to the southern tip of the state for some R&R.

It was a great trip. We relaxed. We people-watched. We read. We rode around in this (with the top down, of course):

We walked on the beach where we saw some of this (kite boarding). It looks so fun, but SO hard. And it was perfect weather for it on this particular day, i.e., windy as hell.

We also saw a LOT of this:

Seriously, smokers. What the FUCK?! It's bad enough when you throw the butts out of your car window and think it's not littering, but on the beach? Really?! Shame on you.

We saw a few of these

Tangled up in a lot of this.

I'm not sure what was going on, but on day 3 we were there, the tide brought in TONS of this stuff. It was less than pleasant.

We also went birding. This was a first for me, but BH is all about our fine feathered friends. South Texas is supposed to be a primo migratory birdwatching spot this time of year. (This is the type of thing you learn when you're in love with a wildlife biologist.) However, they haven't gotten substantial rain down in the valley for months, so everything is dry as it can be and, as a result, not very appealing to migratory birds. We did see quite a few species, but not the overwhelming multitudes that are usually down there during mid-April.

One preserve we went to actually suffered a major fire (a result of the dry conditions) two days before we went there to check it out. Luckily, there were other parts of the preserve that were unharmed. The palm forest, for instance. I got to see green jays and chacalacas and indigo buntings buff-bellied hummingbirds and numerous other birds for the first time ever.And also, at this preserve, I got to see the Rio Grande for the very first time.
We were also surprised with fireworks while we ate dinner on a pier on the bay our first night there.

One night, we even pondered the Great American Dilemma:

We were lucky enough to see a couple of amazing sunsets.

Basically, we had a very, very nice time.

We'll go back again. Hopefully soon...

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La Turista said...

Good, so you got the fireworks I ordered. Excellent.

And what the hell do you mean you've never seen the Rio Grande? You sure you're a Native?