Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random, only because I have no brain power to be cohesive.

Geej and (my god daughter) Annie O, kicking back at the Dog and Duck at SXSW, just like their mommies used to do.

See right there, just beyond the railing. That guy? Sort of looking down as he walks? He's dressed head-to-toe in black, including a black "leather" duster coat-ish thingie. Um...why? At the time this picture was taken, it was at LEAST 86 degrees. And he was like the 5th douchebag I'd seen that day dressed in the allblackincludingleather ensemble. Please give me a FOOKIN' break. SXSW Hipster-wannabes SUCK. And stink! Because they're SWEATY!! From all the unnecessary LEATHER and/or black they wear. Pfffft.

This picture kills me. It's Daddy-O and Annie-O wearing their matching "Lone Star" gimme caps and listening to our friends play really good music at a family-friendly SXSW show on Saturday.

You see that teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeny pinkish speck in the upper left center of this photo? That's the Geej, running her peaches off at Commons Ford Ranch Park. I can't WAIT to see this place when the trees are fully covered in leaves and there's lots of spotty shade.

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