Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Oh Hai! I'm braindead!

Y'all, the, 50 hours or so have been tres wacky. Time for a recap!!

Okay, so when we last left Karla May, she was looking forward to an insanely early wake up time for bit of whirlwind travel up to our neighbors to the north. So yeah...Monday, I go get Jaye at 5:00am. We get to ABIA at 5:20. Get onboard (pretty much) on time, and head to Cincinatti. Yeah, I've never been there either. Anyway, everything's on time and okay but, for some reason, we're on these little regional jets. And what does that mean to me? Time for Xanax!! Yay!! I actually managed to sleep for part of the flight, which is like HUGE for me. Anyhoo, we get there, have some breakfast, then board the next little regional jet to Toronto.

Answer me this: Every leg of this trip we took, the planes were (surprisingly) full. So why the little pipsqueak planes? Eh? What, Austin ain't good enough for a "real" plane? And also: Why isn't the word "pipsqueak" a more frequently-used word?! I mean, it's AWESOME!!

But anyway...

We land in Toronto around 12:45pm EST. Get to the hotel, check in, etc. I BEG Jaye for a Disco Nap. She allows. So 45 mins. (and VERY refreshed) later, we venture out. Get on the TTC and head to the area near the CN Tower. It's about 2:30 now, so we're hungry, and we stop off at a pub for some grub. And a couple of ciders.
Is it just me, or is this sign for the men's room both counter-intuitive and funny at the same time?

It was cold and clear in Toronto. The kind of cold where you're fine if you're in the sun, but the minute you step into the shade and that wind hits you, damn, you're COLD.

One thing about Toronto that reminded me of Austin: building and cranes EVERYWHERE.

Anyway, we get to the tower, and it costs $26 fookin' dollars (Canadian, of course...which means it was more in Amerikhun dollars, because ours is running about $.95 to $1.00 of theirs). So yeah. But then we decide to pay the extra $9 to go to the "Sky Pod"--the extra super special high part of the tower that's another 33 stories (or "storeys" if you want to go all Canadian with your spelling) up. We're suckers. But you know what? It was pretty damn cool, and we lucked out on the crystal clear day. But hey, CN tower folks: Maybe if you didn't charge so damn much for the tickets to go up, people could actually afford to enjoy and buy food and drinks in your nice, swanky, EMPTY bar/restaurant.Just a suggestion...

Let's get to the million dollar views, shall we?

Downtown, to the north and a bit east-ish of the tower.

The lakefront toward the west.
A huge dork.

The "Sky Pod" explained.

This view is what 9 extra dollars buys you. That roundish structure at the bottom of the frame is the part of the tower where the previous photos were taken. Yeah...we were TOTALLY high.

Okay...part 2 of this post is going to be tomorrow night because a) I'm tired, b) yesterday was BH's birthday and I wasn't even here, so I feel like I'm double-neglecting him by sitting here blogging, and c) there's oh so much more to tell.
Good night, friends.


Hecticmom Undone said...

Sounds like it was still fun. I look forward to the next installment - and Xanax on the regional jets - YES! And on international flights as well. (I've never been able to sleep on planes - even with my calming drugs.)

Badger said...

Oh holy Jesus. You'd have to pay ME to get up in that thing. And we're talking a whole lot more than $25.

My last few flights to Ohio, I was in a HUGE jet from Austin to Dallas (which is what, a 30 minute flight?) and then a teensy little puddle jumper from Dallas to Cleveland, which is like three hours. Yeah, THAT makes sense.

Karla said...

Dude I miss your dorky ass. LOVE the picture.

When the HELL did the Canadian dollar eclipse the American? Holy crap what have those Republicans DONE to my country? I left it in somewhat decent shape when i came to Norway, all tucked in, and they had to come in and mess it all up while I am gone?

word ver. is tximundo...indeed.

mama herbivore said...

don't you remember we did that tower when we visited toronto? and "really" became friends (i.e. farted in front of each other?) it was NOT that expensive in the 90s! ha, isn't it fun to say that?