Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Hey Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island and Vermont!!

I heard on K-UT this morning that they're only expecting 26% of registered voters to show up at the polls here today in Texas. And that will STILL be a record for a primary election. Pitiful.
So get your asses off the couch and get to your nearest polling station and do that thing that many millions of people in this world wish they could do, but can't: VOTE!!


Hecticmom Undone said...

Yahoo to you!

This will sound totally feminist (and I don't really care) - but women were not even ALLOWED to vote in the United States until 1920. That means that many of our GRANDMOTHERS were not allowed to vote. It wasn't that long ago. So, for all those women who fought for our right to vote - GO DO IT FOR THEM!

(and given that history it's just sort of cool that a woman is running for president - not that I voted for her, but I still voted and I still think it's cool that she's running. :))

Anonymous said...

I voted, but was a disappointed that I wasn't able to caucus. I wish that it had been explained a bit better about how the delegates were to be divided. I would have made more an effort had I known that 1/3 of delegates would go the caucus winner.


Badger said...

Dude, I not only voted, I went to the motherfucking caucus. And now I'm a motherfucking alternate delegate. What the motherfucking hell was I thinking?