Monday, March 03, 2008

The obligatory post-busy-weekend post.

Friday night was the Ghostland Observatory show with my dear friend Lisa who was visiting from Dallas. We did a bit of pre-show hanging out at my friend Rebecca J.'s house and then headed to Austin Music Hall for the sold-out show. It was PACKED. In fact, they pretty much had oversold the place in my opinion. It was so crowded, it was unpleasant, which--if you're at a show where the music is very dance-inducing--kind of sucks. However, Ghostland rocked. I only wish I'd worn some sensible shoes because less than an hour into the show, I was absolutely dying. Plus we hadn't eaten, so I was drunker and hungrier than I wanted to be. So Rebecca, Lisa and I headed to get something to eat and then back to her house to hang and wait for the rest of our crew. Shortly after we left, I got a text message from Jaye that just said, "DRUM LINE!!" I had no idea what the hell she meant, but apparently she meant this:

Yeah, the entire U.T. marching band's drum line and brass accompanied Ghostland on "The Band Marches On," and the already-pumped up crowd when insane. I am so pissed that I missed this. I mean really, really mad at my choice of shoewear and decision not to eat before the show.

Saturday we hung out with Lisa and her ADORABLE and utterly charming 10 month old, Henry.
The Geej--who is utterly baby-crazy to begin with--was in heaven all weekend. She got to "help" out with the baby, and kept saying she was the "big sister." Meanwhile, she regressed a bit--getting jealous at having to share the spotlight with such a cherub. But all in all, she was great and we had a lot of fun.

Sunday, Lisa and Henry hit the road back to Dallas while BH, Geej and I went with Jaye to the Kite Festival. It couldn't have been a more perfect day for kite flying--cloudy, fairly cool, and very windy. We enjoyed all of the people watching and looking at the hundreds of dogs and kites. The Geej got to hang with her buddies from gymnastics (who had a booth) and do a little tumbling. Despite the rather terrified look on her face in this photo, I assure you she was having fun.

Oh, and I almost forgot, your brother and your boyfriend were there. They're so cool.

It threatened rain all day on Sunday, but luckily it held off while BH and I went to see Built to Spill at Stubb's. It was a really good show. They're so unassuming and rocking at the same time. And what a DIFFERENCE a crowd makes--I'll take a mildly-stoned crowd of bearded, balding 30-somethings over a packed crowd of 20-something drunk-ass douchebags any day. Much more pleasant all the way around.

Today we were woken up to wicked wind and lots of rain, along with a dropping temperature. Yay Monday! Yesterday it was shorts and t-shirts; Today long sleeves and coats. Such is March in central Texas.

If you're reading this in Ohio or Texas, don't forget to vote on Tuesday. It took me a while to decide who I was going for, but I've finally landed on Hillary. It will definitely be interesting to see how it goes. I can't remember the last time that Texas played such a crucial roll in determining who was going to end up on the democratic ticket.

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Karla said...

Dude, that is SO not my brother. My brouther would be all adding a Flow Master Muffler to his and it would 800 horsepower and would have 6 gears and he would be racing it....

I am always stunned by the Geej's gorgeousness. When she is 14 I am taking her to a modeling agency and getting her a contract so I can scope my 10% of her future earnings, and in this way I can retire. And I said it here first, so you can't take my idea.