Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Please tell me she's getting this out of her system now.

Because I don't want to be a grandmother before 50.

Here she is with Sally (of course) taking the maiden voyage in the new stroller. We had to toss the old stroller because she simply wore it out. It was all kinds of broken, and we had a mini-crisis on our hands because of it. Yes, that's a faux Baby Bjorn she's wearing on her chest (came with the stroller, dontcha know), and in it is the rarely-photographed "swimming baby," Britney. (My mom named her. I sweartogod.)

And today, a coworker of mine with a first grader gladly bequeathed me two gently-used babies, just as big as Sally. They didn't have any clothes on because her daughter had wanted to keep the clothes to put on her stuffed animals. Oh well...Geej likes 'em nekkid anyway. So these new babies were waiting for her in the car when I picked her up from school today, and after first wanting to name one of them "Bumblebee," we landed on the names Molly (on her head) and Polly (on her left). Apparently, they're twins. And Sally is their sister. Would you please look at how happy she is?!

And have I told y'all that she'll only wear dresses now and starts dance lessons this Friday (her request). Holy crap. How did I end up with this girly girl?


La Turista said...

(in my best Nelson voice)HA ha!

Nap Queen said...

OH, she's SOOOO cute, and she sure does look happy. Another reason I'm terrified to have kids (specifically girls)...dolls scare me.

amamgets said...

She is SO FUCKING CUTE!!!! I loved my babies like that. Schlepped their naked, hair-abused selves all over the place. Their clothes? On my cats, where else? Sooo... has she figured out how cute Earl is in a dress?

Karla May said...

Um yeah...amamgets. None of the baby clothes would actually fit Earl. You see, he's a bit, um, portly.

He'd need an outfit with a lot of "give".