Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Ye Olde High School Reunion.

Yep. The big 20 yr.high school reunion is this weekend. Good LORD, how did I get this old? It seems like just yesterday that I was making out with Kyle Gilbreath while wearing my mortar board on graduation night, sitting on the curb in front of my house, drunk as hell. Jesus H. Christ.

And to top it all off, I'm going to my high school reunion with--gasp--a guy I went to high school with!! And I'm in LOVE with him!! I swear to you, truth is much weirder than fiction could ever be.

So our weekend basically looks like this:

Tomorrow, Mr. Wonderful and his boys fly to Dallas. His mom and step-dad live in NW Dallas, so they'll come and pick them up and they'll all go to his mom's house. Meanwhile, Geej, Dah and I will drive to NE Dallas to my Aunt and Uncle's house. The Geej ADORES them...and their dog...and their swimming she's looking very forward to the trip. After hanging out for a while, I'll leave and go to NW Dallas to rendezvous with Mr. Wonderful, et. al. That's where we'll spend the night.

Friday, Mr. W. and I will drive to Longview. We're staying at his dad's house just outside of town. We're supposed to be going to the high school football game with a bunch of our classmates that night (it's actually an organized reunion activity, including a tailgating party beforehand). I know it sounds dorky, but I'm actually looking forward to this a lot. I was a big ol' band geek through most of high school (French horn/flag doesn't get much dorkier than that, my friends), and football games were a HUGE part of my life during that time. Plus, there's something quite charming about the whole "Friday Night Lights" thing in small town Texas. There are some planned "activities" after the game, but I have no idea what we we'll end up doing.

Saturday we're just going to hang out. Probably go see some of my (elderly) family. Saturday night we'll be skipping the "gala" part of the reunion, and instead hang out with Mr. W's brother and sister-in-law, something I'm looking very forward to.

Sunday, we'll head back to Dallas where we'll pick up my mom and Geej at my aunt and uncle's house. Then the four of us will head back to Mr. W's mom's house for a late lunch. Then mom, the Geej and I will depart for Austin.

Yes, I'm taking Monday off.

So anyway, I won't be blogging for a few days, but I'm sure I'll have plenty o' photos and tales to tell when I return.
Yes, I was in "Young Repbulicans." Don't hate... It was the Pine Curtain, after all.


Keetha said...

Sounds like a fun weekend! And just THINK of all the blog fodder the class reunion will bring.

Mr. Wonderful is dreamy!

toxomaman said...

Your hair was amazing! Ever think of recreating that look? Have a great weekend...

La Turista said...

Just say, "Yes!" and then call me with all the details ASAP.

Sinda said...

But when does he MOVE here?

And - I also played the French Horn - band geeks unite!

Nap Queen said...

I'm dying to know how it went! You sure didn't LOOK like a band geek!!?? Then again, I was Secretary of the Art Club, and I wasn't goth like all the other art kids :)

amamgets said...

Give over the details. And possibly an updated Mr. W picture. heh heh.

And yes you were quite the foxy young Repub.

mama herbivore said...

F O X Y lady. that's what you are. reality is stranger than anything you could dream up. can't wait to hear the details.