Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The schedule for the next few daze*


Wake up, get ready, get my kiddo fed, ready, lunch packed, etc.

Straighten up house as much as possible.

Get to school by 8:30-ish. Hopefully I'll be able to leave without The Geej throwing a full-blown hissy fit as she did this morning.

Get to work by 9:00-ish

Team meeting at 9:30.

Team photo after team meeting.

Finish editing 13 page document.

Get all stuff together for work trip (more on this soon).

Wait for mom to call around lunch time.

Go meet mom and her cousin who's visiting from Holland downstairs in The Store. Tour them around The Store.

Go to lunch with Mom and 2nd Cousin. Don't really eat anything. (You'll see why in a sec.)

Wait for call from Mr. Wonderful telling me his plane has landed.

Go to 2nd lunch with Mr. Wonderful because he'll be really hungry. Again, don't really eat anything.

Go get The Geej at school. Listen to her squeal with glee when she sees that Mr. Wonderful is with me.

Go home and hang with The Geej for a while. Make her some dinner. Get myself ready to go to dinner at swanky restaurant with Mr. Wonderful (this is why I really don't want to eat much during the earlier part of the day).

Take Geej to La Turista's to play with Peach and Olive for a while.

Go have nice leisurely dinner with Mr. Wonderful at swanky, romantic restaurant. Stuff my face. Drink wine. Enjoy myself.

Pick up Geej.

Take her home.

Put her to bed.

Put myself to bed. With Mr. Wonderful. Hubba hubba.


Wake up.

Say goodbye to Mr. Wonderful who leaves to go to his big job interview. (This positive thoughts, people.)

Get the girl ready for school, which will include her first day of DANCE CLASS!!

Get myself ready. Sort of.

Take Geej to school.

Go get my freakin' hair cut and colored because y'all, my roots are utterly ridiculous.

Rendezvous with Mr. Wonderful for a post-interview lunch and perhaps a matinee.

Go shop for something yummy to cook for dinner. Hopefully on the grill. I love a man who grills.

Pick up the Geej.

Go home. Make dinner. Hang with the Geej.

Put the Geej to bed.

Go to bed.


Wake up.

Get ready.

Pack for work trip while Mr. Wonderful packs to go home.

Dah arrives.

Mr. Wonderful and I leave for airport.

I rendezvous with coworker at airport. We go to our gate and board a plane to Michigan.

Mr. Wonderful goes to his gate and boards a plane for Colorado.

Land in Dallas. Get on Connecting flight to DETROIT (Motown).

Land in Detroit. Get rental car. Figure out how the hell to get from the airport to our hotel in West Bloomfield.

Check in.

Connect with coworker's friends who live in Detroit area.

Have dinner. Drink wine. Hang out.

Go to hotel. Go to sleep.


Wake up. Get ready.

Meet up with two other coworkers to tour stores.

Tour three stores. Meet various people. Be delightful and pleasant.

Have dinner with coworkers.

Tour final store.

Go back to hotel.

Hang out with travel-partner/coworker, going over next day's presentation.

Watch "Rock of Love" on VH-1 if hotel has it on cable.

Go to sleep.


Go to the only store we didn't tour the day before.

Give presentation/training from 9:00 - 10:30.

Have lunch.

Go to airport. Turn in rental car.

Catch plane to Dallas.

Land in Dallas. Catch plane to Austin.

Land in Austin at 7:00pm.

Get home just in time for The Geej's bath and bedtime ritual.

Unpack. Shower. Collapse.


Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm going to be taking the day off on Tuesday.

*In other words, please forgive if I don't blog for the next few days... I'm going to be a little busy.

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Nap Queen said...

DANG! I think my head's gonna explode just from reading your schedule. Whew. I LOVE that you say "Hubba hubba". That's one of my all time favorite phrases.