Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm just going to go ahead and say this:

I know she's only three, but if any of you ever invite The Geej to a party here, we're not going to come. I don't care how much she bitches and moans, it ain't gonna happen. Not on my watch, anyway.

And I'd love it if those of you with little girls 7 and under would ALSO vow to me--in blood, if necessary--that not only are you going to refuse to host any parties here, you're also going to politely decline any birthday party invitations that take place in this whore factory. Come on... are you with me?

"Dress up" is one thing. It's healthy. It's natural. And it's safe, fun, imaginative play. And God knows, I got a lot of mileage out of my grandma's negligees, pretending I was a princess and whatnot. But this is something completely different.

Like the Bratz dolls? Then go for it. Digging what Paris and Britney and Lindsey have been up to lately? Be my guest.

But I know that I'm going to do whatever I can however I can to actually shield my little girl from this waaaaaaaaaaaay too grown up crap for as long as I can. Even if she ends up hating me for it.


Mrs. Fantasy said...

I was almost certain that I'd read your blog today and it would be about last night's episode of Rock Of Love (egads!) but instead you blogged about the whore factory which is kinda like ROL but could be defined as little hos in the making that will end up on reality TV programming someday.

Um, yeah.

Bookhart said...

Never never never.

Kristen Brock said...

Oh, shit, I was going to do Graham's 26 month thing there.

Karla said...

are they trying to make every little girl like Paris hilton?


The Strong One said...

Dear. God. In. Heaven.

Well, my daughter is 9, but I'll still swear. I mean, really... fer chrissake... let them be kids as long as possible. Down with Hoochie Mamas!

Mags said...

Ha! I was just making fun of that place the other day.

Though I'm sure that YG would love to dress up like a little four-year-old hootchie mama for her next birthday, I am thinking, well, NO.

You have my solemn word, sistergirl.

mama herbivore said...

i know i'm late commenting on this, but i want to let you know i'm totally down with the baby-ho boycott. i actually know someone who sent their kid there for a party, and i was horrified when i learned what it was. HORRIFIED. thankfully, my little lady isn't too keen on girly crap. fingers crossed. xo