Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A bit of advice from The Geej:

When your mom comes home from a trip to a city where there's an H&M, and she's sort of gone nuts buying you cute new clothes there because her entire state doesn't even have an H&M, the best thing to do is to try everything on at once. Even if that means you're wearing a skirt, two dresses, a rain slicker and matching hat, and two pairs of new day-of-the-week panties on top of the panties you were already wearing.
Trust me: It's a good look.
The Geej


Bookhart said...

Wait a second--H&M has KIDS clothes too? OMG, how do we get them to open a store in Austin?

Nap Queen said...

That is AWESOME! And smart.

Karla said...

My number one favorite reason for living in Europe is H&M.

I have high hopes that they will come to Austin. Where Ikea goes, H&M is not long to follow....invasion of the Swedes, you know.

Jaye Joseph said...

San Antonio! Northwest side in a new shopping development. Also, I've heard that there is one under construction already in Plano.

La Turista said...

I think the title of that pic should be "Impish Grin."