Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Random shit. More later.

I saw a barbershop quartet yesterday, paying a parking meter. I mean, all four of them were standing around the parking meter pumping money in. It was weird.

Sunday (2/13) was one of those days that I fully remember why I live in Austin. It was 72 degrees, breezy, sunny. Perfect. I sat out on my deck in a tank top and shorts and rocked out to my iPod while reading. And it's FEBRUARY.

My Valentine's Day date was babysitting a 4 month old boy named Anderson. He spit up on me 3 times and had a crying fit. Typical male...

After my previous post about spilling, I topped myself: Saturday, I was leaving Target, and bought a bottled water at the check out. I didn't realize that it was almost totally frozen, so when I got to my car and opened it, the water that wasn't ice was pressurized, and--SPEW!--I suddenly had it ALL over me: water on my face, hair, shirt, pants. I had a bunch of other errands to run, but I had to go home because I was practically soaking.

I've had an absurdly irrational craving for coconut cream pie for the past few days.

That "All-Star" rendition of the Beatles "Across the Universe" at the Grammys was one of the most random/awful things I've ever seen. Tim McGraw, Billy Jo Armstrong, Bono, Norah Jones, Allison Kraus, Velvet Revolver, Alicia Keys, Stevie Wonder and a very confused looking Brian Wilson. What did they do, pick names out of a hat?

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