Wednesday, March 17, 2010


The day before my surgery.

I'm not vain about many things, but I've always liked my neck/shoulders area. My ENT even complimented me prior to my surgery saying, "You've got the neck of a 30 year old. I can't find any good wrinkles to cut in to you." A strange compliment, but a compliment nonetheless. So I can't say I was thrilled about the idea of getting one of the only areas of my body I consider fairly nice looking all scarred up.

Two days after the surgery.

Not too bad. Pretty bruised, swollen and very tender, but not horrific. Now my arm? THAT looked pretty awful.
The Arm of Doom
That's where the IV was. I bruise pretty easily, so I guess I shouldn't have been surprised by this sucker, however the strange thing about it is that it didn't appear until AFTER they removed the IV. Weird.

The night before getting my stitches out.
At this point I'd entered the lovely Yellow Bruising Stage of Healing and was itching like a mofo. I was SO ready for the stitches to come out. And now?

Twelve days post op. Five days post-stitches.
It's still swollen and tender, but I gotta say, he did a nice job. (The glistening you see is my scar healing gel stuff I slather on there a couple of times a day.)

So there you have it, you sick, morbid people.


Karla said...

Wow, that is actually a helluva lot less than I thought it would scar. I'm impressed.

You till got a purty neck...just waitin' for a vampire....

Millardman said...

you will always be smiling on the outside now.